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Text Box: The link to the North American vascular Biology Organization is to  a group I co-founded.
The map has links to some of my fellows.  This includes many of the most prominent people in vascular biology.
Text Box: J.P. Parades, "JP" is my secretary and a great person in his own right.  Click on the link to email him.
Text Box: The link to the left is to a paper from my lab in our recent work on arrays.

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Text Box: Porter recommended that I work with Dr. Earl Benditt for my Ph.D.  
Dr. Benditt was the foremost figure in a now failed movement .. the movement to rebuild pathology as the center of medical science.
Click on the image to the right for Dr. Benditt's biography.
Text Box: Interest in Science began in college at Harvard with Keith Porter.  Dr. Porter was the founder of cell biology, the first person to effectively use an electron microscope.
The image to the left is a picture of a mitochondrion by Dr. Porter.  Click on it for Dr. Porter's biography.

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